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Top attractions in Singapore - 5 days Singapore Itinerary for December

This itinerary is based on the recent trip I made to Singapore. You may add/remove attractions based on your interests but make sure to spend enough time at each attraction so that you can absorb maximum out of your trip.

Day 1: Reach hotel in the morning, freshen up and then go for a Half Day City tour. Make sure to visit Merlion Park, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Mount Faber, Jewellery factory, Sri Mariamman Temple and Little India.

Once you are done with City Tour, head for Night Safari, it starts at 6PM, spend the evening there. Some shows might get cancelled due to rain. Day 2: Today  you will visit Sentosa Island, start early so that you will get enough time to enjoy the attractions. Start with Cable Car ride, then enjoy the SEA Aquarium. 

SEA Aquarium is huge, you will spend half day there. Enjoy other activities in this island such as Skyline Luge, Sky Ride, Eco Ride etc. Also you can try Tiger Sky Tower, Butterfly Park, Madam Tussauds, 4D Adventure Land etc. Day 3:Sentosa Islan…
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Opening an NPS account online - Step by step guide

With the recent announcement of additional income tax benefits, government pension scheme named National Pension Scheme(NPS) is getting more popularity. Since it is linked to equity, chances of getting returns higher than that of Public Provident Fund(PPF) is high, past years performance proves this theory.
If you are looking for income tax benefits, Rs.1,50,000 deduction is allowed under section 80CCD(1) and Rs.50,000 as per section 80CCD(1b).

Interested? Just follow the steps given below, you can open an NPS account in just 10 minutes!

Step#1: Navigate to and click on "REGISTRATION" link. 

Step#2: Select "New Registration" then "Individual Subscriber". You can register with "Aadhaar" or "PAN", let's do it with Aadhaar which is the easiest option as your photo and contact details will get populated from Aadhaar database.

Select Account Type as "Tier I & Tier II". Tier II is like a savings…

PAN Number of SBI, LICHFL, HDFC, Axis Bank, Punjab National Bank etc. for Income Tax Filing

From 2016 onwards PAN number of the bank/financial institution is mandatory to avail income tax benefits from loss of house property(let out as well as self occupied).
Here you can find the PAN number of all popular lenders which you can put in your form 12BB.
The data provided is for your information only. We request you to validate this data with your bank/financial institution before filing tax returns.
Bank / Financial Institution
Permanent Account Number (PAN)
Allahabad Bank
Andhra Bank
Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank (APGVB)
Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank (APGP)
Axis Bank Limited
Bank of Baroda (BoB)
Bank of India (BoI)
Bank of Maharashtra (BoM)
BMW India Financial Services Private Limited
Canara Bank
Canfin Homes Limited
Central Bank of India
City Union Bank Limited
Corporation Bank
DCB Bank Limited

Why you should avoid PayTM - Pros and Cons of Digital Wallets

With recent demonetization drive by the Modi government, wallet services like PayTM, MobiKwik, Freecharge etc. are becoming popular even among common people. Earlier wallet services were popular only with online shoppers but now even street vendors started accepting payment via wallets.
With these wallets, payment is just a button click for most of the services like bill payments, movie tickets and even money transfer to your friends and relatives. Some providers even allow you to use their services offline and also without a smart phone. So the possibilities are unimaginable, wait and watch for India being transformed to a "Cashless" and "Digital" India!
Till now I was talking about the advantages of wallet services, no doubt all of you will agree that this is the first step towards a cashless economy. Now the question is, how good our rules and regulations are around these wallet services? Does the law enforce a dispute resolution mechanism to resolve issues of com…

[Solved] java.sql.SQLException - Zero date value prohibited

Recently while working on a Java + Spring + Hibernate + MySQL project I encountered a weird exception "java.sql.SQLException: Zero date value prohibited"!

As usual I did a quick search on Google but to my surprise Google did not return any result!
First I was scared, thought troubleshooting would be difficult. Upon closed analysis of the issue, this came out to be a silly data issue!

org.springframework.dao.TransientDataAccessResourceException: Hibernate operation: could not execute query; SQL [select field1, field2, field3 from table1]; Zero date value prohibited; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Zero date value prohibited.

I had a date column where the entries were '0000-00-00', just nullified the entries and the error went away!

Failed to retrieve account attributes error with new aws account

Getting the error "Failed to retrieve account attributes, certain console functions may be impaired" while trying to create a new RDS instance or while rolling up a new EC2 instance?

Don't worry, you are not alone. There are various reasons for this error to occur, sometimes due to missing permissions, sometimes due to account setup issues.

If you are getting this error on a new aws account, just wait for 2 to 8 hours, your account setup is not yet complete. And the reason could be the $1 auth on your credit card is not yet done. Just wait and re-try, you would be able to use your account without any issues.
If you are getting the error with an existing account, the error could be due to lack of permissions in access policies to the actions invoked by the the console. To fix this error, the IAM admin should provide necessary roles to the IAM user. Say for example you are getting error while setting up ElastiCache, add ec2:DescribeAccountAttributes and ec2:DescribeSecurityGr…

India - How to download and install "Pokemon Go" on Android devices

Pokemon or Pokémon Go, a trending game from Nintendo is not yet launched in India, still you can install and play the game on your Android phone. Want to know how?
Since Pokemon Go is not launched in India, you will not be able to see it in the Google Play Store. You can download the apk from third party sites but it is not advised to do so as those would contain malware which would steal your data and even corrupt your phone. We strongly recommend to use a VPN tunnel and download the game from Google Play Store itself.

First you need to install a VPN client such as 'TunnelBear' on your device. It is freely downloadable from Google Play. Once installed, open the application and select "United States" as target location from the drop-down and then activate VPN. This will change the location of your phone to US.
Now go to Google Play Store and search for "Pokemon Go". If the game is not listed, go to Settings->Apps->Google Play Store and clear the data and…

Java - Building Serverless Restful Microservices with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Service oriented architecture(SOA) separated the business logic from presentation layer, then comes IoT(Internet of Things) which need the services to be served to multiple clients such as web, Mobile and middle-ware applications. Also, the Cloud Computing Architecture made application developers life easier by providing highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.
But when the business grows, business complexity also grows and the services exposed also becomes non-maintainable. Your code becomes too complex; continuous delivery, testing, scaling - all becomes difficult. Micro-service architecture solves this problem by breaking down business functionalities into small, highly scalable, loosely coupled services called micro-services which runs in parallel.
Since the services are completely independent, the code will be clean, testable and maintainable. Also, the developers can independently work on the services, can independently test the features, can do continuous delivery without aff…

[Resolved] Samsung Smart TV - Remote Pointer Not Responding

My Samsung Smart TV recently started behaving strangely, I can change the channels, increase/decrease volume, access TV menu and change settings, no issue at all. The problem starts whenever I start the Samsung Smart Hub app!
If I open the browser on TV, the pointer moves a little bit and stops responding for few seconds. Again it moves a little bit and then stops, really irritating. Same with YouTube app, the pointer is totally unresponsive but I can use the arrow keys to control the video or to type using the on-screen keyboard.

I did a lot of research, many asked to go close to the TV and operate the remote, some suggested to remove the batteries, then while holding the power button, replace the battery by pressing and holding the power button, but none worked for me. Also I tried turning the power off for few minutes, then turn it on, also did factory reset, nothing worked.
I read somewhere(in CNET forum) it is a hardware/firmware issue which Samsung could not fix till now but in my …

JAXB - Preserving Namespace Prefixes in CXF WebServices

Follow the below steps if you want to preserve the namespace prefix values consistent.First define a namespace prefix map, say JAXBNamespacePrefixesMap as below: <util:map id="JAXBNamespacePrefixesMap">    <entry key="" value="ns1" />    <entry key="" value="ns2" />    <entry key="" value="ns3" />    <entry key="" value="ns4" />    <entry key="" value="ns5" /> </util:map> Now set this map as namespacePrefixes in JAXBElementProvider. <bean id="jaxbProvider" class="org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.JAXBElementProvider">    <property name="jaxbElementClassMap" ref="JAXBElementClassMap" />    <property name="ma…