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SWAYAM (FREE)This is a great initiative by Government of India under the principles of Education Policy "access, equity and quality". Under this initiative, our government ensures the best teaching learning resources to all. All the courses are hosted as video lectures, downloadable reading materials, self-assessment tests and online discussion forums.All the courses available on SWAYAM are absolutely free of cost but if you want a SWAYAM certificate, you should register and make a small payment and appear for a test at dedicated centres.

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Sample courses offered via SWAYAMAndroid app using Kotlin - By Prof Kannan Moudgalya - Indian Institute of Technology BombayWeb Based Technologies and Multimedia Applications - By Prof.P. V. Suresh - Indira Gandhi National Open UniversityGraphics and Animation Development - By Er. Shano Solanki - National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh.ANIMATIONs - By Dr. A…

Kia Motors Dealers in India - Location and Phone Number

Korean Car manufacturer Kia Motors has entered Indian car market Seltos, a compact, new generation SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) with a stunning look! Indian car lovers welcomed Seltos with a record booking of 6,046 units on the first day of its launch!
This model is entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Kia’s new plant located at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh and is aggressively priced.

Even before launch, Kia had started reaching the dealership in over 160 cities. They already have more than 265 touch points across India and is growing. Only in Maharashtra, Kia opened 15 dealerships while in UtterPradesh they have 11 outlets. There are 8 dealers in Bangalore, 6 in Chennai, 5 in Hyderabad, 4 each in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, 3 in Ahmedabad and Kolkata, 2 in Cochin. Kia Motors Dealers in India - Address and Contact Numbers
StateCityDealerAddressPhone no1Andhra PradeshVijaywadaSimha KiaRamchandra Nagar73311220552
GunturSimha KiaPhase IV, Autonagar73311220663
TirupatiHoshi AutoBangalore By…

Accessing Hard Disks and Pen Drives via Jio GigaFiber Media Server (DLNA)

You can stream content from your External Hard Disks or Pen Drives to your WiFi enabled devices such as Smart TVs, Laptops, Smart Phones etc. via the media server available in Jio GigaFiber ONTs (router).Want to know you to change the SSID and password of GigaFiber router? Click here.
GigaFiber ONT has in-built support for Digital Media Server (DMS), which is a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device capable of reading and streaming media content over an IP network to an output device. Any DLNA supported device can stream the content if connected to the same network.How to enable DMS Server in Jio GigaFiber ONT?You need to first log into the ONT admin console by accessing the url: The default username is "admin" and password "Jiocentrum", refer the user manual came along with the device.
Once logged in, go to Advanced :: DMS Server Settings. Change the friendly name from "Jio Media Server" to whatever name you want to be displaye…

How to change Wifi SSID and Password of Jio GigaFiber ONT (Router)

Reliance has started rolling out their much awaited JioGigaFiber connection in selected cities. Currently beta testing is going on with a preview offer in which a security deposit of Rs. 2,500 is charged for a 2.4GHz ONT device (GigaHub Home Gateway), you will get 100GB/month data and unlimited calls when connected a landline phone to the router.Want to know how to access hard disk content via GigaFiber Media Server? Click here.
During the installation, the installation guys asks you to change the SSID and password but after sometime the router downloads and installs the latest firmware and resets itself. You will have to connect to the router with the default SSID + password written on the back of the router to connect and then change the settings.How to change SSID and default password?You can change the SSID and password via the router admin page or via My JIO app.Changing SSID and password via router admin pageType in the browser, login with the default router …

Control Amazon Prime Video quality and SAVE bandwidth

As in YouTube, Amazon Prime Video also has an in-built feature to adjust video quality based on the bandwidth available. Unfortunately, the quality settings available in YouTube, by which you can set the quality of the video, is not available in Amazon Prime yet. Due to this missing feature, the data usage can go too high, if you are on a limited plan, you might end up consuming whole data within couple of days.
If you would like to know how much data you will be consuming in an hour, visit my blog post entitled Control YouTube Video Quality and SAVE Bandwidth.
So, let's talk about how we can limit the data usage with Amazon Prime. With some settings in your router, you can limit the data usage for all devices connected or only specific device.

Follow below steps to setup your router to control bandwidth.
Access your router admin console or Login with the admin user and password (normally administrator/password), refer your router manual for exac…

Control YouTube KIDS Video quality and Save Bandwidth

If you are a regular YouTube user, you already will be knowing the bandwidth control settings available in YouTube. More information available in my previous blog post titled Control YouTube Video Quality and SAVE Bandwidth. Unfortunately, YouTube team did not roll out this feature in YouTube KIDS yet.
For the parents with Young kids, YouTube Kids is a present from YouTube team. Limiting "kids only" videos from their wild YouTube platform, parents can safely give control of the TV to kids, they can watch whatever they want based on their interest.
One common problem every parent facing is the excessive usage of bandwidth. Those who are having unlimited plans no need to worry, others it is an ongoing issue. Whenever you are about to start a work, you will notice you are running out of data.
Is there any way you can set limit to the data usage by YouTube KIDS? You have a good news! You can now control data usage at router level or at device level.
Most of the modern routers allow …

Control YouTube Video Quality and SAVE Bandwidth

YouTube has an inbuilt feature to control the video quality based on the bandwidth. Not only in the web version but it is available across all device versions such as Android, iOS, Samsung Smart TV, SONY TV, LG TV and even in Play Station versions.
Available quality settings depends on the device and the video you are playing. Below given list of all available quality levels supported by YouTube:
Auto (adjusts based on the available bandwidth)144p240p360p480p720p (HD, High Definition)1080p (FHD, Full HD)4K (UHD, Ultra HD)If you have a limited data internet connection, it is advised to set the quality level not to Auto, set it based on your data plan.

Below chart will give a rough data usage based on the bandwidth:
Say you have 50Mbps connection and you watch YouTube in 1080p resolution, you will consume a maximum of 21.97GB data in an hour! You can red…