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[Resolved] How to Fix Moto G4 Plus Rear Camera Blurred Photo Issue

From last week, photos taken with my Moto G4 Plus phone appears blurred and hazy. First, I thought its due to obstacles on the lens, I cleared it with a soft cloth but with no luck. Compared photos taken with front and back cameras, front camera photos were sharp, thousand times better than the rear ones! It was clear there is some problem with my back camera.
As usual, I did a Google search, there were a huge number of similar complaints on Lenovo forum and other community websites. There were many solutions suggested, I tried all of them one after other.
Capture photo in Safe ModeMany of the forum members suggested to boot the phone in Safe mode and capture photos. I tried but didn't find any difference in quality.
Tip: You can enable Safe Mode by following the below steps:
Press the Power keyTouch and hold Power offTouch OK when Reboot to safe mode appears Clear Cache PartitionAnother advise was to clear the cache partition. This removes all temporary files stored by the applicati…
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Tata H5X Color Variants, Exterior and Interior Designs

Tata would be launching its new OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) architecture SUV named H5X by April 2019. No doubt, Tata's new Impact Design 2.0 philosophy car is going to rule Indian roads. There would be a 5 seater and 7 seater models available, and the pricing would be competitive, expected between 13L and 17L.

Tata Nexon Colour Variants, Interior and Exterior Designs

No doubt, Nexon is a game changer for Tata. With its stunning style along with the feature rich body keeps all its competitors far far away. From the traditional hatchback and SUV models, a hybrid model has come up, with well engineered and well architected design, we would say, this is a revolution in Indian automobile industry!

These are the colour variants of Tata Nexon available in the market. Out of these variants, only in Moroccan Blue, Vermont Red and Calgary White has the dual-tone roof option available.

Vermont Red

Moroccan Blue

Seattle Silver

Glasgow Grey

Calgary White

List of Purpose Codes for Foreign Inward Remittance to India

Banks normally ask for purpose code (also known as purpose of remittance) for all money transfers from overseas to a resident account if the amount exceeds Rs.1,00,000 (or its equivalent in foreign exchange). It is mandatory for the bank to submit these details to RBI on a regular basis.
The receiver can keep 50% of the amount (70% for exporters) in Exchange Earners Foreign Currency account (EEFC) as foreign currency itself or can convert to Indian rupees and keep it in his Resident account.

Even, most of the Adsense users were asked to submit these details as the transactions were mostly happening from Google Citibank, CA account in USD, and the most appropriate purpose code is P1007 - Advertising, trade fair service. You can find the complete list of purpose codes in the below table.
For inward remittance due to sale of Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) and Restricted Stock Units (RSU), the most matching purpose code is P0021 - Receipts on account of sale of share under Employee s…