Induction Cooker Showing an Error Code? Induction Cooker Error Codes Explained

Are you searching for Induction Cook-top error codes? Here you can find the error codes of all popular induction cooktops and how to troubleshoot it.

These are for your reference only, do not try to open your cooktop without proper safety measures, we advise you to call the service person if any servicing is needed.

If you want to know how Induction Cook-top works, read our previous article titled What is Induction Cooker? How Induction Cooker Works?.

Whirlpool Induction Cooker Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
F0An internal error was detected.Disconnect power. Wait 5 seconds before reconnecting power. If the symbol appears again, call for service.
F2The surface cooking area is too hot and has turned off.Remove the pans from the surface cooking area. "F2" will disappear when the surface cooking area has cooled. If you turn the surface cooking area back on and "F2" reappears, the cooktop is still too hot. Turn off the surface cooking area and allow it to cool.
F4The pot or pan is too close to the control panel.Make sure the pot or pan is centered on the surface cooking area and nothing hot is on the touch control panel. Wait 5 minutes for the control panel to clear. If "F4" appears after turning the surface cooking area back on, call for service.
F8The surface cooking area has been in operation too long.The surface cooking area automatic shutoff was activated. Turn off the surface cooking area.
C1The power voltage is too low.Turn off the cooktop. Wait 5 seconds, then turn it back on. If this continues, contact a qualified electrician.
C2/C3The cooking surface area has overheated.The surface cooking area automatic shutoff was activated. Wait 5 minutes for it to cool, and then turn it back on.

TCL, Pigeon, Electrolux, Whirlpool, iBELL and Prestige Induction Cooker - Error Codes

Error CodeSolution
E0Ensure the pot or pan is placed correctly
E1The circuit has malfunctioned
E2The temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit
E3The voltage is higher (140V-160V)for 3 seconds
E4The voltage is lower (80V-100V) for 3 seconds.
E5The cook-top surface temperature is too high
E6Internal Electronic Temperature is higher than normal for 3 seconds
E7Internal Electronic Temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit

Spring USA Buffet Induction Cookware Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
E0Induction range does not sense induction-ready cookware has been placed on the glass surfacePlace an induction ready pan on
the range.
E1Range has overheated due to blocked ventilation and has shut down the range.Clear vents, let range cool down, then restart. If error message continues, your range needs to be serviced.
E2The range has overheated.Remove the cookware from the range and let the range cool. Make sure the vents are clear. Verify you are using induction-ready cookware. Once the range has cooled, restart.
E3Range will not turn on. Range is experiencing temporary voltage overload or is not on its own, dedicated circuit.Range will not turn on. Range is
experiencing temporary voltage overload or is not on its own, dedicated circuit.

Frigidaire Induction Cookware Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
Blower seized/blocked
Contact Support
E1Open-circuit failure of main temperature sensorContact Support.
E2Shorting failure of main temperature sensorContact Support.
E3Higher temperature of main temperature sensor.Wait a moment and press the “ON/OFF” button when the temperature of the cooker becomes normal, the induction cooker will operate as usual.
E4Open-circuit failure of auxiliary temperature sensorContact Support.
E5Shorting failure of auxiliary temperature sensorContact Support.
E6Higher temperature of auxiliary temperature sensorWait a moment and press the “ON/OFF” button when the temperature of the cooker becomes normal, the induction cooker will operate as usual.
E7Lower VoltageTurn “OFF” the cooker, when the voltage become normal turn ON the cooker, it will operate as usual.
E8Higher VoltageTurn “OFF” the cooker, when the voltage become normal turn ON the cooker, it will operate as usual.
EBMain temperature sensor not worked.Contact Support.

Redfyre Induction Hob Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
H - WARNINGThe hob's surface remains hot.Make sure correct zone setting has been selected.
This error message is displayed if one or both of the hob lids are down when the induction burners are activated. The hob turns itself off after a short pause.
Lift lids to continue.
E2This error message is displayed if a hot pan is placed on top of the touch controls.Leave the hob to cool to clear the error signal.

Morphy Richards Chef Xpress 200 Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
E6The appliance has overheated.Check if the air outlet is covered. If so, remove the object covering the air outlet and let the appliance cool down. If the air outlet is not covered check if the fan is working. If the fan is not working contact your nearest service centre.
E3, EAThe cooking plate has overheated.Switch off the appliance and unplug it. Switch on again after 10 minutes.
E7, E8Unstable voltage in power network.Check the inlet voltage.
E1, E2, E4, E5, EbProtection against abnormality of internal sensor inside the induction cooker.Restart or pre-heat the unit.
E9Cookware material or size is not matching.Try with a steel or iron base cookware which has a base diameter larger than 12cm.

Glen Induction Cooker Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
E1Plate surface temperature sensor open.Contact the supplier or go to a qualified service center.
E2IGBT temperature sensor open.Contact the supplier or go to a qualified service center.
E3Abnormal supply voltage; voltage too high.Check power supply. Power on after power supply is back to normal.
E4Abnormal supply voltage; voltage too low.Check power supply. Power on after power supply is back to normal.
E5Plate surface temperature sensor short-circuited: empty pot/pan heating leads to too high temperature.Please wait for some minutes until the unit cools down. Please check pot/pan.
E6Fan failure: Air intake/exhaust vent block.Contact the supplier or go to a qualified service center. Clean the vent after the unit cools down, then can restart.
E7Coil panel is not connected well, circuit malfunction.Contact the supplier or go to a qualified service center.
E8No pot/pan on the plate. Non-usable pans on the plates.Put suitable cooking Utensils on the plates.

Refer the above table for the following brands:

  • Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-1600
  • Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop
  • EURODIB IHE3097-P2 COMMERCIAL Induction Cooker
  • Khaitan Induction Cooker 405SD
  • Inalsa Smart Cook Induction Cook Top
  • Westinghouse WKICHE211 Induction Cook Top
  • Jaipan 3003 Induction Cook Top
  • Desire TG 17 Induction Cook Top
  • Wipro Cuisino Induction Cooktop IC4
  • Sunflame IC 01 Induction Cook Top
  • Kenwood IH 100 Induction Cook Top
  • Faber ZC-3920 Induction Cook Top
  • Maharaja Whiteline Ideal Induction Cook Top
  • Usha C2102P Induction Cook Top
  • Kailash Induction Cooktop
  • Singer Induction Cooktop IK-85
  • Softel Induction Stove
  • Advanta Induction Cooker
  • Padmini Induction Cookplus
  • iBell Induction Cooker

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  1. i have prestiege induction stove. i have used it for 4 mths and now it is showing e7 error and then automatically shuts off. pls help

    1. i had an e6 error code on my electrolux cooktop after nine years of good service and it started to play up intrmitanly pulled it apart and inspected the circuitboards found the little cans diodes were sisshaped
      curved at the top paught two new ones at jcar 4dollars and solderd them on good as new hope this helps

  2. iam using prestige induction stove.....and now it is showing E7 error and then automatically shut down....pls help email id


  4. prestige induction cooker are having service center throughout india, so please go there and take their help though error 7 means repair/adjustment are require, see user munal.

  5. i am using prestige induction cook top. i am getting error 8 please help

  6. am using butterfly induction cooker and its now showing E0...what does that mean

    1. E01-Overheated surface or powerhob internal
      E02-Open circuit or Short circuit
      E03-Voltage fluctuation

  7. I Bought Sunflane Induction Cooktop on Oct 20, 2012. but its showing error code E9. how to interpret

  8. I have a new Redfyre range with induction hob, the display is showing 'Er 22'this cooker has been nothing but trouble, and now they have been taken over by aga we are not getting help with all the issues, please help!

  9. what is E9 error in prestige 3.0 V2 induction cookers

  10. I purchase a new prestige induction cooktop pic 1.0, the problem is that whenever i am using it for any purpose, after certain time period it slows down and then again start working.
    because of this nothing is cooked properly, please help me what should i do.
    is it a problem?

  11. I AM GETTING error code e1 ON MY Prestige Induction heating

  12. I am repairing induction cookers.I am facing problem when I am getting error codes can you explain how to solve the errors

  13. you given about the error codes but it will be better if you can explain more details as i am running my service center for induction coockers only error codes are toubling me

  14. If touch pad of microwave oven is spoiled or which is not repairable please contact for good advise

  15. prestige induction top.switch on/off not workinmg.however it is getting power and it shows.

  16. i have induction V.3.0,i have not receive any error but induction is not heating as per setting.i notice it is restarting again and again.
    is there any solution to overcome this. i have set it to "Suit" on 2000 wt.

  17. great tables and help aroma manual did't give did not find aroma cook top but from the tables I assume E-6 means an over heat situation. so if I am cooking and I get the error code I guess I need to cook at a lower temp but not sure that is going to get me the cooking results I want

  18. I am using a Palson Induction Hob. The cooking stops every 60 seconds after a beep and restarts again. Also sometimes I get an Error code of E-5 when I cook on high heat that is (Temp-80) and (Heat-5). Really Irritating.
    Overall, I feel This is safer but definately not a good option for Indian cooking. Gas stoves are much better.

  19. what is E3 error in pic 3.0v2 induction top

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  21. My Beko Hob is showing errors on each plate of A on one, F on the next, 3 on the next and 6 on the last, what on earth do they mean

  22. my induction indicated on E0 what is it mean? please say what to do at that time.

  23. Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.
    Affordable Kitchen Appliances

  24. Hi you given the good information about induction cooker repair for any brand.

  25. I find it is a waste of money and time,buying Induction cooker! Always errors E7 then service ,weeks waiting ,travelling, We can buy 11 LPG cylinders extra instead of a cookerinduction. Also we can save state elctricity.

  26. I have an induction stove which is Bajaj Majesty icx6 Wov and just started using it. On the first day itself it started giving error code E2. Any help on this would be appreciated. I cannot go to service station again just for this issue that to with a brand new piece.

  27. i have presige induction stove and it shows an "E8" error and beeps incessantly until I turn it off, unplug it and plug it back in.again it to solve,sir? Please help me ...send a solution to the

  28. I have purchased the prestige induction top in the month Jan this year. Now a days it sometimes gives an error as E8, I could not find this error code in the above table for Prestige Induction Top.
    Please help me.

  29. I am using prestige induction stove but while in the middle of cooking it shows error code E3 with beep alarm. What to do ? Please help.

  30. My pigeon 1800W cooktop showing error"e1" while the voltage is normal, any solutions ?

  31. Hi,
    I am using prestige induction stove Model PIC 2.0 V2 , How to rectify E4 error. Please help...... please send a mail to

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hi
    I am using ibell induction cooker And now it is showing E7 errors and then automatically shutdown after 3 scans automatically on.....
    Pls help me.... my email id

  34. Never leave a hot utensil on an induction cooktop. If you want to extend the life of the coil underneath, put some water in a deep plate and keep it on the ceramic plate when the induction has finished the cooking, when it is off.

  35. When I was reading about health hazards of induction cook-tops, many websites were talking only about the possible risks of cooking on a induction cook-top but none of these websites were talking about possible risks in consuming food prepared using induction cook-top. Is it 100% safe to consume food prepared using an induction cook-top. Has any research been done on the possible health issues associated with consuming food prepared using induction cook-top. Some research in this angle would be of much help as it may throw some light on health issues, if any.

  36. Thanks for sharing this information. I really like your blog post very much. You have really shared a informative and interesting blog post with people..

  37. Not the every Induction Select cookware you might use, but the crackpots who post nonsense about subjects about which it is manifest that they are sorely uninformed, thus creating false worries in the minds of those who expect authoritative-sounding posts to actually be authoritative.

  38. I an using Prestige Pic 11.0 It always shows error E3 What shiuld I do?

    Please help me sir.
    becouse Service center is much far from me.

  39. Hi everyone, our induction cooktop works fine but the cooling fan will come on for no reason - like in the middle of the night. Does anyone know what the problem may be? You can email me at
    Any help or hints will be appreciated.

  40. in prestige induction coocker voltage is normal but error E3 permanentalt shown.pls tell what is the fault.

  41. I am using prestige induction (pic 3.0 v2) and it always show E3 error.
    Every time it shows same error and it doesn't work, plzzzzzzzz help me that how can I solve this problem.
    My email Id is

  42. I have a Faber Induction Stove. When I switch it on, there is no error code on the screen except this -----. Please help.

  43. Hi.
    I use presige induction cooker and now its shows errore "E9" ,please tell me whats a problem and solution for it....
    Waiting 4 ur reply.

  44. Hi am using pratige induction cooker its shows e3 tell me what's the problem please give me a solution

  45. My induction cooktop show E9. What is E9

  46. My induction cooktop show E9. What is E9

  47. WOW! lovely like this post.What a great review.
    its really amazing .It is a nice kitchen system . I wish that I can use induction cookware . it will give a completeness to this kitchen system .Thanks for sharing this.

  48. In my Pigeon induction E0 error is continuously comming how i can bypass the error

  49. In my Pigeon induction E0 error is continuously comming how i can bypass the error

  50. Sir, I am using Bajaj Platini Induction Cooker PX 132 IC, avery 10 to 30 Days automaticaly E6 error so. i am looking for cooling fan can't work so what i do?

  51. I'm getting an f0f0 error code but only on the Left 2 display controls?? the other 3 on the right work fine

  52. I have Sheffield Induction Cook top ... I was cooking Rice on 300 unit .. in between a phone call came & I forgot to switch off the cook top .
    Now I am getting E6 error message . The fan is working & I am able to cook on 300 but when I switch it to 'boiling' or 1300 unit remains there for a while & then switches off to the message E6 .
    How should I rectify it ?.

    There is no 'Sheffield' service center here ...Can 'Prestige' or any other brand Service center help & how much should I pay to rectify it ?
    My email :

  53. i-plus 2000watt error E7 please help me

  54. हाय, सर मे RMP का INDUCTION HEATER ईस्तेमाल कर रहा हु तिन दिन से एक प्रोब्लम मे अटका हु
    E 4 ERROR आ रही हे
    जब चालु करता हु वही हो रहा है कृपया मदत चाहता हु आपकी

  55. Pigeon induction all spare change but e3 problem not solve then pls help me

  56. I have a prestige induction cooktop and it shows error code E2. I have already replaced the IGBT and 0.3 microfarad capacitor. Its heats up but off after about 30 sseconds showing error E2. Please help.

  57. am using sr-169 induction stove.....and now it is showing E4 error when putting a pot on the stove ....pls help email id ....

  58. am using sr-169 induction stove.....and now it is showing E4 error when putting a pot on the stove ....pls help email id ....or

  59. I have Compton elegant induction it will show E3 error please give me proper solution

  60. Hello i have Greenchef 20E10 induction cooker
    Whenever i turn it ON it gives E6 alarm.
    How to fix it


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