Control YouTube KIDS Video quality and Save Bandwidth

If you are a regular YouTube user, you already will be knowing the bandwidth control settings available in YouTube. More information available in my previous blog post titled Control YouTube Video Quality and SAVE Bandwidth. Unfortunately, YouTube team did not roll out this feature in YouTube KIDS yet.

For the parents with Young kids, YouTube Kids is a present from YouTube team. Limiting "kids only" videos from their wild YouTube platform, parents can safely give control of the TV to kids, they can watch whatever they want based on their interest.

One common problem every parent facing is the excessive usage of bandwidth. Those who are having unlimited plans no need to worry, others it is an ongoing issue. Whenever you are about to start a work, you will notice you are running out of data.

Is there any way you can set limit to the data usage by YouTube KIDS? You have a good news! You can now control data usage at router level or at device level.

Most of the modern routers allow controlling bandwidth via their admin console. Control can be set at global level or for a specific device connected to the router. Follow the below steps which will be more or less similar for the type of router you are using.

Log into the admin console of your router via accessing or Login with the admin user and password (normally administrator/password), refer your router manual for exact steps.

If your router supports bandwidth control, you will see a link similar to "Bandwidth Control-Control Settings". Click on it and you will see a screen like below one:

Check the enable bandwidth control box, select ASDL, and enter the desired download limit in "Ingress bandwidth" box and upload limit in "Egress bandwidth" text box. Note the measurements are in Kbps, if you want to limit the bandwidth to 4Mbps, enter 4096Kbps, on general, multiply the speed you want with 1024 (4*1024=4096). The changes reflects immediately, once you click Save button.

The above setting is global, hence applicable for all devices connected to this router. If you want to restrict the bandwidth only for a specific device, say your TV, you can add bandwidth control rules. Refer below image for the details you need to setup rules:

The above setting is based on IP address, hence you need to setup static IP address on your device, else you will have to change the settings frequently.

Hope you liked this blog post. Try the above steps and let us know how much data you are saving each month! Also don't hesitate to contact us if you are not able to figure out how to change the settings for your router.


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