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Generating an online statement from LIC Housing Finance Ltd is very easy, simply follow the below steps to create an online account with LICHFL and generate statements online!

You may use the online generated statement as a proof for principal paid for a housing loan(under section 80C) and interest paid(under section 24) while filing income tax returns.

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Before reading further, make sure you have the following information with you:

  • Your Loan Account Number
  • Sanctioned Amount

Step 1 - Open LICHFL website

Visit LICHFL website and click on the 'New Customers? Click Here' link(refer the below screenshot).

Step 2 - Enter your loan account details

Fill in the following details:
  • New Loan Number
  • Sanctioned Amount
  • Date of Birth
  • Security Code
and click on the Submit button.

Step 3 - Enter your personal details

Enter your email address, a username and password and click on submit. You will receive an email from LICHFL with an activation link:

Subject: Welcome to LICHOUSING FINANCE LIMITED - Activate Your Account

Body:Dear user,

Thank You for registring with LIC HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED. Please Click / Copy and paste the following URL to activate your registration. Your Login Id is : loginid and Password is : password

Thanks, LICHFL Team.

Click on the activation link

Step 4 - Log into LICHFL

Go to LICHFL website and click on the Login button. Enter your username and password and click the Submit button.
On successful login you can see your personal details and the linked home loan account details.

Step 4 - Loan Status Report

To see your loan status report, click on the 'Loan Status Report' on the left menu, select the loan number and then click the Go button.

The following details are available in the Loan Status Report:

  • Date of Sanction
  • Tenure(In Years)
  • Sanctioned Amount
  • First Disbursement Date
  • Disbursement Amount Till Now/Loan Amount taken over
  • Rate Of Interest(ROI)
  • Equated Monthly Installment(EMI)
  • Principal Outstanding
  • Principal Repaid
  • Interest Repaid

Step 5 - Generate Repay Certificates

You can generate repayment certificates for income tax proof by going to 'Repay Certificates' link on the left.

Select the loan number and the finacial year for which the report should be generated. On clicking on 'Go', the statement will be generated in pdf format.

LICHFL Online Payment

LICHFL has not yet announced any online payment facility to re-pay housing loan EMIs or pre-payments.

Forgot LICHFL Username or Password?

Don't worry, visit forgot LICHFL username or forgot LICHFL password link to retrieve your username and/or password.

Alternate options to retrieve your username/password

You may try the below link if none of the above method works.

Contact LICHFL

Make sure to select 'Already availed Loan' for 'If New Applicant' and fill in 'Loan Number' and select 'Area Office from where loan availed'. Also you may email your Loan details to Email LICHFL.

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  1. Sir,

    I some time before used this facility which was good experience. But recently i lost both password and user id hence i am unable use this facility no more.

    Website lacks facility for resetting the password or user name.

    in-case of such problem whom to contact that details are not available at all.

    unless above facility is made available the efficiency of the portal could not be improved

  2. @Venugapala, they do have a username and password recovery option, please try the below links:
    Forgot Password - Forgot Username

  3. Its not recognizing the new loan acc number which ws issued by LICHFL.

  4. SIR,

  5. Hi Amar,

    Go to the link
    and provide your username, loan account number and date of birth. You will get an email with the details.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Hi, I took a loan in 2010 and loan act no has only 8 digits, whenever I enter this act no in 'Find new no' tab and after providing area its says loan act does not match with area. I have taken loan in Bangalore and i am giving bangalore as area. please help me

  7. @Indra, you may try the below option:

    The New Number can be arrived at prefixing 2 digits to the earlier loan number.

    Back office wise the numbers to be prefixed are given below:-

    Number to be prefixed Name of the Back office
    11 Kolkatta
    12 Bhopal
    13 Lucknow
    14 Delhi
    15 Jaipur
    16 Bangalore
    17 Hyderabad
    18 Chennai
    19 Coimbatore
    20 Ernakulam
    21 Madurai
    22 Mumbai
    23 Pune

  8. it should display Monthly deduction details, not worth

  9. Sir,
    I have only my loan a/c no. with me and have forgotton the username and password.Pl find me a way to find me the statement of the loan status.

  10. Anyidea when they are going to introduce Online pre-payment option.

  11. We have taken a joint housing loan. Whenever we generate the loan statements online it is getting generated in my Husband's name only. How can we get the same in the name of both of us?

  12. What is the current home loan rate of LICHFL?

  13. @Vani, there are different loan schemes available with LICHFL. Interest rate is decided based on the loan amount and fixed/floating option you choose. Currently for loan up to 30L attracts 10.75% interest for 2 years and then the prevailing floating rate. Contact your nearest LICHFL office for all the schemes available.

  14. My loan number is 10 digit from Erode, i am unable to generate new loan number, please help

  15. @Jaikumar,

    There are three different record numbers associated with each loan account. They are:

    1. Customer ID
    2. File Number or Application Number
    3. Loan Account Number

    In your loan sanction letter you will see only file number. Call your LICHFL branch and give your file number, the branch will provide the loan account number.

    Also you may request an account statement, which will have your loan account number.

  16. LICHFL Website on recovering user name is suggesting no email id registered, can any one please help how to re cover user name

  17. LICHFL website when tried to recover username is suggesting no-email id registered.
    How to get out of this as there is on customer support to call them and get it sorted.

    Do suggest a better way

  18. My loan account no is 12 digit. When I register as a new member it is asking to enter the loan account no as maximum 9 digit. Due to this I am not able to register online. My area is Bangalore. Can some body help me to register in LICHFL ?

  19. Trying to contact the LICHFL office, Hayes Road, Bangalore from today morning. All lines are ringing but no one is attending the phone. Can somebody respond to phone calls?

  20. The online way sounds good.
    But when i m trying to register with 12 digit Loan no, it is throwing error, 'Invalid details'

    Can you please help me.

  21. I have been trying for past one week to take details related to my account. I was unable to get those.. site keep giving me error.

  22. i m trying to create new user account for generating online statements for housing loan,but the message appearing in background is as "under construction". Is there any alternative way to get the same?

    Please reply.

  23. When the site updation would be finished, from past one week we are getting the same error Site under maintainance...

  24. LICHF online loan statment under maintainance for the past one month. In this finanical year is too diffcuilt to take online payment details

  25. Hi All,

    I could not able to access LIC wesite.

    Could you please let me know,if anybody have information for same.


  26. hi. I have tried the above steps to register and view my LIC HFL loan statements online. However, I am getting the message "Site under construction". Please I need the loan's annual statements for accounts" 64203932 & 6420 3587 immediately as i need to file it for the year 2012. Pls advise if these can me emailed to me. Whom do i contact?

  27. You may visit your LICHFL branch for the income tax statement.

  28. Send an email to '' to get the PDF statement or call LICHFL or directly visit the Area office near by you

  29. While processing the online registration process,After completing step 3(giving personal details) activation mail is not coming to my mail id.How to change mailId.I tried from 2 step loan details once again ..but it saying long id is loan number is already register...please help to get out this situation. any support number is there..

  30. LICHFL Customer Portal is back!

  31. LIC Housing Finance is inviting applications for the post of Assistants for the year 2013, visit website for details.

  32. Hi I have account 12 account number but am not able to register and login . Can you kinldy help me .
    I gave my Account number , Sanction Amount , date of birth am dgetting in valid details . Please guilde me ti complete the registeration .

  33. Hi, My account number is 10 of 10 digits and unable to register. it throws simply, "in valid details". it does not tell which detail is wrong. i am unable to generate new loan number form, there it allows to enter 9 digit loan number.
    at last i had head ache with this portal site.

  34. hi i tried to register with 12 digit loan account number but confirmation email has not come to my inbox.please can any one suggest what to do next.

  35. Sir,

    Not able to register Loan Account 16061039705. Even tough i gave correct details, it is throwing error saying invalid Loan details. PLs help to register online to get provisional certificate of installment amount paid. PLS HELP to register

  36. God bless you.. helped a lot

  37. Sir,
    my loan a/c No is 11015020108 and i have forgotten my used id and password. Please post me in email

  38. Hi

    This Dilip from Bangalore , I created a login in the website , it worked properly for some time . After some days , when i tried to login , i cannot able to login , when i used Forgot UserId /Forgot Password , it thowing the error , Email-Id is not registered with . Help me out in solving the issue

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Dear Admin,

    I'm unable to register. My loan no (21)240038895. Can you help me?

    Raja M, Theni

  41. Dear Admin,

    My Loan num : 17063771, I am unable to login the lic housing finance site to generate the loan statement, can u pls guide me how to proceed further..

  42. i forgot user id password. wen i try to retrieve username its says no email id registered. pls help

  43. Hi,

    Can you help me in getting the provisonal certificate for the home loan ? If you can give me the exact url and steps to get the certificate, It would be really great.

    Thanks in advance.

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. On LICHFL website there are only 2 types of documents available for download:

    (1) Loan Status (a summary of senctioned amount/date with current years Primcipal and interest paid).
    (2) Loan payment certificate (FOR ITR declaration).

    Where as, a Loan Repayment statement is Amortization Sheet between 2 dates that gives a ledger with opening balance, EMI amount, interest, principal and closing balance for all monthes between 2 dates.

    This statement is not available in LICHFL website. However such statement is available in the websites of leading banks like HDFC, ICICI, etc.

    Please let me know if this statement is downloadable online.


  46. Sir,
    My Loan account no. is 130345557 I have forgotten my used ID & Password. Please post me in email

    Vinod kumar shukla

  47. sir , My loan account no is 23840009820.i have forget my user ID & Password .pl post me in email Rakesh Mishra

  48. Admin,

    why there is no response from your end on the single question posted by several users?
    Question: When trying to retrieve forgot username and password, getting message "EMAIL NOT REGISTERED". Please let us know answers for it. please send replies to

  49. This is sandeep frm Varanasi,I created a login in the website.It worked properly for some time,After some days ,when i tried to login,I cannt able to login,when i used forget user id/Forgot password.It showing the error,Email -id is not registered with me n solve my issue.
    My Loan No-110900000291

  50. I am Sundari. I got myself registered with LICHFL website with my loan details and uwer id and pw. it worked and i cud see my statements. later after some months, i tried accessing but i forgot username and password. when i press forgot password it asks for username, when i press forgot username and give the loan number and DOB, it says 'email id is not registered with lichfl'. How to access the site online. My loan a/c no. is 14010007117. Please help and mail to
    This question has been posted my many people but no answer founf in this post, hence sending again.

  51. I have registered to this facility but the data is refreshing twice in a month to knew the latest balance esp. when I make prepayments. What is the defined frequency of data updates ?

  52. I was trying to register with my 12 digit loan account number, But i am un able to register. Loan was disbursed on 23/10/2013. Can any one guide me

  53. Dear Admin,

    I have a 12 digit account number. But I am unable to register. It keeps throwing invalid details error.
    I will not let me prefix any numbers based on city as max limit is 12 digits for the text box.
    The details are valid and I am sure of it, because when I go to the office to drop a cheque, there are no issues.
    Could you please help me out?


  54. Dear sir
    while creating my password password and confirm password details are become invisible not showing any thing and repetedly asking same pls provide the solution

  55. Daer Sir,
    I have forgot user id & password, please help

  56. I am facing the same issue similar to many other users...cannot login into LIC Online Portal as well as cannot retrieve Password since it throws error - "Email is not registered with LICHFL". Please suggest/help with a solution.

  57. Very usefule post. Thanks for putting all these details. Appreciate your efforts!

  58. Thanks. Very useful post !

    How can I get the disbursement details / Account statements online? I don't see any option.


  59. Thank you. Quite useful.

  60. I forgot LICHFL userid and password, while trying to get it, i am receiving an error of "Email Not Registered". I called several times the local lichfl office to add my email id to my loan account. But still getting the error.

  61. Email id Not registered error message i am getting it while trying to use the Forgot password link. Could you please help to find out the alternate way to get/activate the user account in LIC HFL.

  62. Hi, I have taken a loan from LICHFL, Brigade Road, Bangalore. When I contacted my LIC agent from Brigade Road, he gave me a 12 digit loan account number. When I'm trying to register in LICHFL using this number, it is unable to recognise the number and keeps throwing the error message 'Invalid Details'. There is no customer support details available on the site. Can someone please help me out? My email id is and my phone number is 9739435558. Regards --Shyam

  63. Email id not registered error message i am getting it while trying to use the forgot password link and forgot user id. Could you please help to find out the alternative way get/ activate the user account in LIC HFL

  64. Hi, i have took a HOME loan and i have all the details with me. i registered my loan via LICHFL website. I forgot my username and password. now when i try using the forgot password or forgot username options i am getting the below error. - Email is not registered with LICHFL for forgot user id. - Userid/LoanNo/DOB doesn't exists for forgot password.

  65. Hi, I just entered my personal details in given field to know about my loan statement. But I have not received any mail regarding my user name & password. Can you pl help in getting my user name & password. My loan a/c no.510600002355

  66. Sir,

    We husband and wife jointly took loan from LIC HFL. My application number is 5104004098. First installment(Part) @ Rs.12729/- has been paid through ECS 0n today. I would like to get statement for IT purpose up to 31/3/2014. What is my loan account No. and what is the procedure to get the statement for IT purpose please.

  67. @Ashok, go to any LICHFL branch and ask for a "provisional" statement for income tax purpose. You need to give your file number or loan account number.

  68. Hello Sir, first of all this post is very useful. Then my question is, I have given loan account number, sanction amount,date of birth and security code, but the registration page popup the "Invalid details." Error Message. Could you please help me how to resolve this. Thanks Siva.

  69. Hello sir,
    iam repeatedly getting message as 'Error occured we cannot process your request at this movement' when iam trying to create user id and pass word.Can you pl help to resolve this.

  70. Hello Sir,
    I am also getting the same error as described in previous message @ 11:13 AM 14-Jan-2014. Any resolutions so far ?
    I called up LIC-HFL service numbers, but call were not picked up.

  71. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, but the LIC site doesn't look stable. I'm trying to generate repay certificate but it always throws an error.
    "Sorry, an error has occured and we cannot process your request at this moment. Please try after sometime. "
    Is there any timing constraint or do we need to use any particular browser ?

  72. Hi,
    I have closed the home loan from LICHF and transfered to other bank. I am not able to login now on LICHF on-line gateway. In this case how I can get income tax certificate from LICHF for the relevant period of financial year. Could you please help in this case?

  73. Thank a lot, it worked perfectly!

  74. Thanks alot, very helpful site.

  75. Thanks a lot for the article, very useful. The LIC site is not informative, your article is very useful

  76. Thanks for the article, its very helpful. But LIC website is very poor. I am not able to register even after multiple attempts, from different systems and locations.
    Every click of button spins the page for ever. When loads, it throws error - "Sorry, an error has occured and we cannot process your request at this moment. Please try after sometime."

  77. Thanks for useful guideline,I have taken housing loan from LIC HFL in 2009 at floating interest rate present ROI shown @12% where as present ROI is 10.75% why LIC HFL charging 12% from me ?
    Where as all leading Banks resetting the ROI in presenting rate, How can I reset my loan ac ROI in present rate?

  78. why income tax certificate from LICHFL not provided online? where as other bank providing the same online and on the other hand LIC himself is providing the same on online.It require improvement.

  79. How can I change my EMI date from 1st to 10th ?

  80. Hello,
    When I am trying to register as new user, it is throwing an error as "Invalid Details". What do we need to do to get this issue fixed?


  81. Article was very helpful. Downloaded the loan status. I tried to download the repay statement several times, but in vain.

  82. Key in the amount in this format
    eg :755000.00

  83. I know my loan account number but I did not remember the loan sanctioned amount.
    How can I know my loan sanctioned amount? How can I register without loan sanctioned amount.

  84. It will be there in your loan sanction letter. Or just call your branch and provide your account number/file number.

  85. Unable to register for new user
    Please suggest.

  86. Hi,
    Thanks for help.
    You have provided good steps.
    It worked for me.

    LICHFL(Pune Br)

  87. hi
    Is it necessary to provide lic file no./ref. no. of builder to lic agent by me


  88. Hi Team
    Is there any way to check the missed installments or the balance dues
    i did not see any such options on the portal

  89. How can I get annual statement for the loan I have taken on my Life Insurance Policy

  90. Please reply on my email id

  91. I have a 12 digit account number but to create a new login it asks for 10 digit account number.Also T.nagar locality is not available in the drop box.Please help me on this-

  92. As LICHFL site say my email ID is exist; when I log using forgot Username/ forgot password, it shows "Your login Credential emailed to you.. I have talk personally to our zonal office pimpri, regarding the same subject. I have also requested to change / replace previous email ID How to get Username & password in such situation.. When new login process, then msg. come "LAN is already exist. --- please help

  93. Thanks, this was really helpful, i was worried how i would get my provisional stmt but using this I got my stmt in 5 mins

  94. Hi All,

    Is there a way to repay LIC home loan via online payment?

  95. I would just like to tell that I really liked your blog post. In fact I am going to bookmark your blog and will regularly visit the site. You come up with such an amazing articles thank you for sharing this your site.

  96. Hi,

    I have taken housing loan from LIC in 2014. After checking my profile online, i could find some discrepancies in my address.Could you please suggest how to get it corrected.

  97. Actual repay certificate is not available online. Why is this delay by LICHFL ?

    1. If this is for income-tax filing, actual repay certificate is not necessary, you can submit provisional certificate.

  98. this is not working when i tried to be a new user its not even opening the webpage

  99. Please give month wise loan a/c statement to the customer

  100. how to find account or loan number with the help of application number?

    1. Contact your home branch and provide your file number.


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