As per a recent study conducted by a US Government agency, Induction cooking is the most energy efficient cooking method compared to electrical heaters, gas and microwave ovens. There are other new cooking methods such as Halogen Cooking, find our article on Halogen Cookers(Ovens) here. Induction cooker(or induction chulha) is mainly based on the electromagnetic induction technology. Current generates variable magnetic field after running through the wire coil. Eddy current is generated at the bottom when the magnetic field induces the cooker plate. 

A large amount of thermal energy produced can heat the bottom quickly, thus heating up the food very fast, thus a more efficient and power saving technique for cooking. In other forms of cooking, the heat is being generated in the stove top by electrical coils or burning gas, but here in Induction Cooktop, heat is generated directly in the cooking vessel, thus its more efficient. To be used on an induction cooker, a cooking vessel must be made of a ferromagnetic metal like steel, iron etc.

Why Induction Cookers?

Induction cookers are faster and more energy-efficient than traditional electric cookers. They allow instant control of temperature and electricity similar to gas burners. The possibility of burn injury is significantly less than with other methods as induction heats the cooking vessel itself, not the surface; the surface of the cook top is only heated from contact with the vessel, hence this method is the most efficient cooking method. There are no flames or red-hot electric heating elements as found in traditional cooking equipment. The induction effect does not heat the air around the vessel, resulting in further energy efficiency.


1. Provides quick heating
2. Improved thermal efficiency
3. Greater heat consistency
4. Safety
5. Ease and Adaptability of Installation, you can place it anywhere even in your living room!
6. Cleanliness
7. Compact

Induction Cook-Top Block Diagram

Efficiency Comparison Chart - US Government Statistics

 Induction CookerHalogen CookerElectric CookerGas
Efficiency 90%60%55%50%
Time required to boil 2qtns of water4 min 46 sec9 min9 min 50 sec8 min 18 sec
Energy Consumption to boil 2L of water 745 kJ1120 kJ1220 kJ1340 kJ


1. Cookware must be compatible with induction heating
2. A small amount of noise is generated by an internal cooling fan
3. Of-course electricity failures

Induction Cook Top Standard Error Codes:

  • E0 - Ensure the pot or pan is placed correctly
  • E1 - The circuit has malfunctioned
  • E2 - The temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit
  • E3 - The voltage is higher (140V-160V)for 3 seconds
  • E4 - The voltage is lower (80V-100V) for 3 seconds
  • E5 - The cook-top surface temperature is too high
  • E6 - Internal Electronic Temperature is higher than normal for 3 seconds
  • E7 - Internal Electronic Temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit

Tip: Is your food burning while cooking on Induction Cook Top? Don't worry, from my experience it is found that if you start cooking with high watt, say 2000, then slowly reduce it to lower watt, say 100 you can cook any food with Induction Cooker!

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  1. Kannan | 26 January 2011 at 09:40 |  

    This blog is very good. Induction cooker is explained well.

  2. Anonymous | 3 March 2011 at 05:14 |  

    Hello there reading this page was indeed very exciting , reviews in this way enliven whoever analyze this page.....

  3. jayashree | 23 March 2011 at 11:44 |  

    Hi I have purchased an induction cooker last december i.e. Prestige
    Induction Cook-Top PIC 3.0 feather touch. It is under warranty. Easy to use and very convinent.
    But from yesterday while using the cook top it shows an E5 error after which i am not able to use the cooktop further.

    What should i do. anybody please suggest.

  4. Sunil | 23 March 2011 at 13:14 |  

    Hi Jayashree,

    Try changing the power to a lower level, say 100-1200. Contact Prestige customer support.

    Standard Error Codes:

    E0 - Ensure the pot or pan is placed correctly

    E1 - The circuit has malfunctioned

    E2 - The temperature sensor is opening circuit or
    short circuit

    E3 - The voltage is higher (140V-160V)for 3 seconds

    E4 - The voltage is lower (80V-100V) for 3 seconds

    E5 - The cook-top surface temperature is too high

    E6 - Internal Electronic Temperature is higher than normal
    for 3 seconds

    E7 - Internal Electronic Temperature sensor is opening
    circuit or short circuit

  5. Vaiv Jais | 26 March 2011 at 10:31 |  

    I totally agree with this article. The induction cooker completely dependent on electricity supply. When there is no power, one can't use these cooktops. But for those situations everyone must have some alternate arrangement of cooking gas or stoves because ultimately it's the matter of savings at all.

  6. Anonymous | 3 April 2011 at 18:12 |  

    Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  7. Sunil | 3 April 2011 at 18:30 |  

    @Anonymous thanks!

  8. Anonymous | 14 April 2011 at 15:09 |  

    Thanks for the Update,
    I will also opt. for TCL

  9. Anonymous | 15 December 2011 at 17:07 |  

    Hi,I am using prestige induction stove but we are getting e9 error which the descrption of error is nowhere written,do you have any experience on this and how to resolve this error.Service centre people also not able to resolve this error

  10. Anonymous | 18 December 2011 at 14:28 |  

    i have prchased preethi, indicook dial. its working good and its easy to perform.. but electricity is the main thing that play role.

  11. Anonymous | 6 January 2012 at 19:32 |  

    we have swith on the cooker but the touch screen command is not operating but only light blinks & we hera sound but cooking process is not done.

    kindly help.

  12. Anonymous | 12 January 2012 at 15:23 |  

    Nice content reg induction cookware

  13. induction cook top | 28 January 2012 at 10:27 |  

    I have purched prestige induction cook top pic 1 v2. I can able to cook firstly but power consumption is equel to other electric heater that is full load running 35 min = 1 unit so how does it save money?

  14. dina | 29 January 2012 at 13:44 |  

    my induction cooker(prestige 2000watts)20 days old is showing e7 error so what must i do should i take the cooker to the service center? or what kind of fault it is?

  15. Sunil | 29 January 2012 at 13:53 |  

    @inductioncooktop, refer the efficiency comparison chart
    @dina, take it to the nearest service centre

  16. Alok | 1 February 2012 at 21:06 |  

    My prestige cooktop shows E6 error after about 1 min. I shut it off and start again. But this way, to cook rice, I take 30 min. What do I do? Power is 210

  17. Abhishek | 3 February 2012 at 23:20 |  

    plz give detail number of error component solution

  18. Anonymous | 5 February 2012 at 18:26 |  

    Recently I have bought a induction cooker (brand: eagle). Presently it shows a alarm like E2. What could be the cause?

  19. Anonymous | 5 March 2012 at 12:28 |  

    I have purchased an induction cook top prestige pic 6.0.Please suggest the time needed to heat water,milk, rice, veg, etc time aswellas the watts

  20. Uma | 5 April 2012 at 09:04 |  

    I have purchased an prestige induction cooker pic 3.0 model, but i dont have the user manual with that so i m unable to use it. Pls can anyone help me on this

  21. Sunil Manheri | 7 April 2012 at 23:02 |  

    Uma, all induction cooktops uses the same technology, place a induction compatible vessel on the cooktop and turn the power on. Depends on the model you will have different preset buttons, which controls the power, temperature and/or time. You can simply use the 'hotplate' button(default), which heats the vessel at the maximum available power(watt).

    You can download TCL induction cooktop manual from

  22. Anonymous | 16 April 2012 at 21:22 |  

    where is the review

  23. Gayatri | 11 May 2012 at 07:37 |  

    I have a Induction cooker. It shows an error code "E1" in 5 minutes time just after it starts to work. Please tell me what would be the problem???? Thanks and regards

  24. RD | 18 June 2012 at 08:59 |  

    I've got a prestige induction cook top PIC-3V2.It was running fine for the past few months.However,today the moment I kept a vessel on it it shows error code E3.What should I do??Plz help me out...

  25. eshwar | 19 June 2012 at 20:03 |  

    Guys tell me...what happens when i dont poweroff (button on induction stove) the induction cooker rather switch off the actual power switch...

    I knew that it wont last long...But i need the actual reason........

  26. satya | 5 July 2012 at 22:26 |  

    since last two years i have been using prestige induction cooker without any failure, but yesterday it stopped heating, it`s fan is working, it`s touch pad is working, showing temperature & other digit but heating is not done, what will the fault ? what should i do ?

  27. Anonymous | 12 July 2012 at 23:08 |  

    if you need
    help please call me 9496813405 iam technican

  28. Anonymous | 30 July 2012 at 23:39 |  

    Hi I am continuously getting error code -3 in my prestige induction cooktop..pls suggest how to resolve this problem

  29. Anonymous | 4 October 2012 at 13:09 |  

    i tried boiling milk on my prestige induction cook top....but it just got burned....
    wat temp should i use and for how much time??

  30. Awanish Bharati | 10 October 2012 at 09:35 |  

    hi how can i resolve the E7 problem of prestige induction cook top pic 3.0 please reply me on my mail I know what do E7 mean but cant sole it . please get me the solution if any one have.

  31. Awanish Bharati | 10 October 2012 at 09:37 |  

    hi how can one resolve the problem of E7 on prestige induction top please reply to me on my mail

  32. Anonymous | 17 November 2012 at 18:11 |  

    I use an induction cooktop ,Prestige.As soon as I started using it, within two days,I could hear parts moving loosely inside the unit.I took it to service centre and got it repaired. Jaya,Chandigarh.

  33. Anonymous | 26 November 2012 at 11:42 |  

    I purchased Prestige Induction Pic 3.0 v2. While operating, it works fine sometime; but sometimes it display error code E9 after few minutes.

  34. Anonymous | 6 December 2012 at 18:42 |  

    Hi, me and my friend just found the solution for error code E9. The base of the cook vessel may not be as flat as it should be to have triggered this error. So make sure you make the base flat and try again. TY.

  35. Anonymous | 17 January 2013 at 18:52 |  

    hi i am pooja, maine Prestige
    Induction Cook-Top PIC 3.0 purchase ki hai jab maine ise ghar laya iska plug bada hai aur gharka socket chota hai...please help

  36. Ajay | 17 January 2013 at 21:16 |  

    Buy a 16A plug from nearby electric shop, you will get it for Rs.50, and replace it with your current one.

  37. Anonymous | 25 January 2013 at 20:53 |  

    Hi I'm Uma. I have a prestige pic 3.0 induction cooker.Can anyone tell me how to select options like "fry", "steam" etc? I used the preset option, but unable to change to the required mode. Please help...

  38. Anonymous | 1 February 2013 at 23:28 |  

    What is meant by PIC 3.0 V2 or PIC 6.0 V2? Can anyone clarify this technical term?

  39. Anonymous | 1 February 2013 at 23:34 |  

    U can change over to the required mode of cooking by selecting MENU option... When MENU option is pressed each and every time, the corresponding MODE of Cooking will be selected.

  40. Anonymous | 9 February 2013 at 21:37 |  

    in which mode we must boil milk of my prestige induction cooktop pic 3.0 v2

  41. Anonymous | 4 May 2013 at 19:31 |  

    What needs to be done if error code E2 is displayed??

  42. Anonymous | 22 July 2013 at 18:55 |  

    i have pigeon induction cooktop it shows E8error what is the problem please give technical detail to service email-

  43. Anonymous | 8 August 2013 at 19:07 |  

    yesterday only i purchased prestige p1.0 V2. today i tried to cook something but when i switch on the cook top p- error is coming and the cook stops automatically. pls. help.

  44. Anonymous | 4 September 2013 at 19:35 |  

    I am also getting "P-" error code. appreciate help on this.

  45. GAURI | 5 September 2013 at 12:12 |  

    me too get P- error code all the time though it works fine. Even I would like to know reason behind it.

  46. Anonymous | 15 September 2013 at 13:08 |  

    I am using prestige induction since last 4 months but suddenly now it showing e-6 and stopped working. Any body can help me to cater this. Please suggest me in my mail id,

  47. Anonymous | 21 September 2013 at 11:02 |  

    my cook top stops showing E9, wht I can do for further cooking

  48. Anonymous | 26 October 2013 at 18:48 |  

    sensor in prestige induction pic 3.0 is not detecting the vessel kept when on the surface.beep sounds even when the vessel is placed also the vessel is not hot during the process

  49. Anonymous | 31 January 2014 at 06:53 |  

    I have purchased Havells ET Induction cooker yesterday. It rather good than any others brand available in the market. After sales service is comparably very good,subject to if u stays in metro cities. I called up customer service toll free number & they sent engineer for demonstration. Its too good & user friendly.
    In kolkata its costs around Rs.2700/- along with free cooking vessels.

  50. jack | 13 February 2014 at 13:06 |  

    wat for e9

  51. Kartar Singh | 4 June 2014 at 12:44 |  

    When i put utensil on inuction it starts working but after 5-7 sec it shows E2 error
    Plz help me. how can i repair it

  52. Anonymous | 19 October 2014 at 11:29 |  

    My bajaj induction cooker is not heating up but the temperature is showing and it is giving an continuous alarm type sound. what should I do?

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