[Resolved] How to Fix Moto G4 Plus Rear Camera Blurred Photo Issue

From last week, photos taken with my Moto G4 Plus phone appears blurred and hazy. First, I thought its due to obstacles on the lens, I cleared it with a soft cloth but with no luck. Compared photos taken with front and back cameras, front camera photos were sharp, thousand times better than the rear ones! It was clear there is some problem with my back camera.

As usual, I did a Google search, there were a huge number of similar complaints on Lenovo forum and other community websites. There were many solutions suggested, I tried all of them one after other.

Capture photo in Safe Mode

Many of the forum members suggested to boot the phone in Safe mode and capture photos. I tried but didn't find any difference in quality.
Tip: You can enable Safe Mode by following the below steps:
      Press the Power key
      Touch and hold Power off
      Touch OK when Reboot to safe mode appears

Clear Cache Partition

Another advise was to clear the cache partition. This removes all temporary files stored by the applications, but does not delete any other files or settings. I tried this too but with no luck.

Disable Camera Tuner

Go to Settings and disable the Moto Camera Tuner App. Some people reported this step worked for them but unfortunately this didn't resolve my problem.

Uninstall updates to Camera App

I uninstalled the updates but no improvement noticed.

Try with other Camera Apps

I downloaded few camera Apps from Google PlayStore but again I didn't see any change in the quality of the photos.

What's Next?

I was totally disappointed. I am already facing lot of issues with this model: starting from heating problem to ghost touch. To add to the pain, now the camera issue too. I took a decision not to buy any Moto phones in future.

Problem solved

As a last resort, I tried to pull out the dust from the camera lens using a transparent adhesive tape (as suggested in some online forums). Accidentally, I clicked a photo keeping the tape on the lens, to my surprise, I got a sharp, clear image from my rear camera, which was almost as good as it used to be! So, the solution to the blurry image came out to be, stick a clean transparent adhesive tape on the lens, you will get sharp photos from your rear camera as before.

The real issue is, MotoG 4 uses a low quality Oleophobic coating on the rear camera glass, which gets scratches easily due to the bad design. This makes the images blurred and hazy. Either you should replace the camera glass or try some workaround like sticking adhesive tape on the lens as I did Or remove the scratches using white toothpaste or isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol). Also you can try cleaning the glass with steel/brass polishers, you will have to spend some time to remove the Oleophobic coating completely.

Try this out and let me know if this works for you.


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  1. Hi thank you for your suggestion.
    I had the same problem as above but I tried using a micro polishing paper. First I tried on the area between the lens and the flash just to make sure it doesn't get worse on the lens.The result was like new lens and so I polished the lens area and now the blurry images problem is gone. It's like a new camera.

  2. I had the same problem. Went through all the supposed software checks to no avail.
    Adhesive tape didn't work either, but after 20 minutes gentle rubbing of the glass with toothpaste on a cotton bud to remove the remnants of the coating, success! Camera now good as new!

  3. Adhesive tape worked for me. Thanks a ton for a simple solution

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