Google rolls out new Page Layout and Font Changes on Search Result Page

Search engine giant Google recently changed their search engine results page(SERP) which is claimed to be "clean" and "more readable" compared to the old layout.

Some of the changes made are on the page layout, the underline on the links are removed, the font size is increased(to 18px but no change to the page width) and more white space added between search results.

Another change Google brought-in is a yellow Ad label, which will differentiate paid results with organic search results.

Another new feature Google introduced is the section People also search for which is nothing but 'related searches' from Google knowledge graph. All your competitors name along with their logo will be listed which will annoy many of the business owners for sure!

Also you have more number of suggestions in the auto-suggestion box with links to their website. Means no need to go to the search result, you can directly click on the suggestion, Google will take you to the page you requested.

Overall this is an impressive change from Google, not only on the search quality but also on the readability of the search result.

Initially Google will see some resistance from the users, mainly for the bigger fonts, which according to the analysts is normal, resistance to change.

These changes are rolled out only in few regions(including mobile versions) but will be implemented in phases to all remaining regions, we believe.


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  1. Go to History>Clear browsing data
    Then for "Obliterate the following items from" select the beginning of time.
    Then, only check "Cookies and other site and plug-in data" and "Cashed images and files". (Make sure to uncheck everything else).
    Click on Clear browsing data

    Close all open Chrome windows and open a new browsing window.

  2. Normal resistance to change? Analysts apparently have their heads to far up their $%# to understand that maybe we actually have an opinion not based on their prejudiced quasi scientific behavioral theories.

  3. Google is not running a charity, they need fuel to run. They are giving such a great service free of cost,no one can raise voice against the changes they make...

  4. Ugly and makes it less readable. That's okay though, I've been pondering going to a more anonymous search engine such as DuckDuckGo anyway - this just reinforces that decision.

  5. I can't even think of an alternative to Google

  6. I appreciate with your this blog post thanks for sharing with us. Its seems looking so good.

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