Online Photo Printing Services Reviewed - ZoomIn, itasveer, Canvera and GK Vale

With the growing internet availability most of the people are now relying on online services, whether it is shopping, ticket booking, job search or even for ordering food.

In this internet revolution photo printing is not an en exception. With the availability of cheaper digital cameras, online photo printing services got many takers in recent years.

Advantages over traditional Photo Studios or Colour Labs

Main advantage with these online services are you can upload photos directly from your computer and save it for later use(or even share it with friends or family members). You have many customization options available such as size selection, finish selection, cropping, auto-enhancements etc. Most of these online services provides an option to pay online, so once the order is placed you will get the prints at your door step in couple of days!

Selecting an Online Photo Printing Service

Main things to consider while selecting a printing service are:

  • Print Quality - Quality depends on the photo paper they use(Kodak, Fuji etc.), automatic(or manual) photo enhancements, cropping etc.
  • Photo Uploading options - Some providers allow uploading multiple photos simultaneously, with proper error handling, photo preview etc. This is really useful when you are ordering large number of prints.
  • Payment options - Online payment via Debit/Credit/Net Banking, Cash on Delivery etc.
  • Processing Time - 1 to 3 days is the normal processing time but delivery may take another 1 to 5 days depends on the geographical location of the order.
  • Pricing - Go for quality, find a service which is less priced but provides good quality prints delivered in 2-4 days.
  • Customer Care - As in every online service, customer care is most important in online printing too. Support should be available over phone, you need this when you are stuck at online payment or the order B0248B7C-14F2-46A2-BEE6-A622C44D5493 getting delayed with no updates from the company.


Zoomin is one of the popular photo printing service(along with other services such as personalized gifts, photo books, photo magnets, photo mug etc.). They offer professional service with affordable prices.

Pricing - Regular Size

Size Price per print
4x6 Rs. 6.00
5x7 Rs. 9.00
6x6 Rs. 10.00
6x8 Rs. 15.00
8x8 Rs. 30.00
8x10 Rs. 40.00

GK Vale & Co

A Bangalore based company with over 100 years of experience in photography is a single source for all photography needs.

Pricing - Regular Size

Size Price per print
4x6 Rs. 4.99
6x4.5 Rs. 4.99
5x7 Rs. 9.99
6x8 Rs. 11.99
6x9 Rs. 15.99
8x10 Rs. 49.00


Started by four IIT Delhi alumni in 2006, itasveer has been into online photography and digital printing, providing quality service to its customers.

Pricing - Regular Size

Size Price per print
4x6 Rs. 3.99
5x7 Rs. 6.90
6x8 Rs. 15.00
8x10 Rs. 39.00
8x12 Rs. 49.00


Picsquare is a leading online photo service in India with head quarters in Bangalore.

Pricing - Regular Size

Size Price per print
4x6 Rs. 5.00
5x7 Rs. 14.00
6x8 Rs. 12.25
8x12 Rs. 48.00

Snapfish, an HP company stopped its services in India in 2013, which was once a leader in digital printing.

Some other online photo printing providers in India are Canvera, SnapGalaxy etc.


Select an online service based on your needs, upload photos and order prints. Share with us your feedback on the overall experience including the quality of the prints...


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  2. Order Date & Time: 27 Sep 2015 8:23:59 PM Order No: 146738-50241

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