How Halogen Cooker Works? Advantages, Comparison, Review and Price List

Technology is growing fast in all fields including 'Home Appliances'. From traditional stone and hearth cooking we have moved to Electrical Stoves, Gas Stoves and finally to Microwave Ovens. Latest addition to the list are Induction Cook-tops and Halogen Cookers.

Continue reading if you are familiar with Induction Cooktops, else we advise you to read our previous article on Induction Cooktops where you can learn the technology used in induction based cookers and also reviews and price comparison of popular induction cooker brands. In this article we will explain how Halogen based cook-top works, what are the advantages and disadvantages and also a comparison between Induction Cook-tops and Halogen Cookers.

What is a Halogen Cook-top?

Halogen Cooker uses a halogen bulb to heat food instead of magnetic induction in Induction Cook-tops or microwaves in Microwave Ovens. The mode of heat transfer is both Conduction and Radiation, the Ceramic plate acts as a medium of heat transfer, also the radiation from the Halogen bulb heats the food. Halogen bulb heats instantly, hence you can cook food at least 40% faster compared to other traditional methods.

How Halogen Cooker differs from Halogen Cook-Top?

Halogen Cooker almost looks like Microwave Ovens where Halogen Cook-top is an exact copy of Induction Cook-tops. In Halogen Cook-tops, a ceramic plate is heated using the Halogen heating element where in Halogen Cookers(also called as Halogen Oven) the heat generated using the Halogen bulb is circulated within the oven, so that the food items inside the oven cooks very fast like any other ovens. Halogen Oven is very small and compact compared to any other oven available in the market. Also you can control the temperature so that it can be used for baking, roasting, defrosting and steaming. Another major advantage compared to the microwave oven is no pre-heating is required.

Advantages of Halogen Cookers

1. Small and compact design makes it easy for daily use
2. Halogen bulb heats instantly, so cooking is much faster by 40%
3. Energy efficient, consumes very less energy compared to other electrical solutions
4. Easy to clean
5. Food tastes as good as that cooked using traditional convention methods
6. Complete control over temperature, no more over-cooking or burning food

Halogen and Induction Cooktops - A Comparison

In Induction Cooktops, a high frequency electro magnetic field is generated on the vessel which generates heat where in Halogen Cookers the Halogen bulb generates the heat. Another major difference is in Induction cookers the food particles are directly heated, not the vessel, and hence this is the most energy efficient cooking method. Refer the below efficiency comparison chart, you can see Induction cooktop is most energy efficient but you need to be very careful while cooking in Induction cookers else the food may burn, especially while frying.

Efficiency Comparison Chart - US Government Statistics

Induction CookerHalogen CookerElectric CookerGas
Efficiency 90%60%55%50%
Time required to boil 2qtns of water4 min 46 sec9 min9 min 50 sec8 min 18 sec
Energy Consumption to boil 2L of water 745 kJ1120 kJ1220 kJ1340 kJ

Halogen Cooktop Price Comparison

  • VOX Halogen Cooking Stove with Free Grill Stand - Rs. 4,999
  • Nova Halogen Cooker HIC - 1581 - Rs. 3,549
  • Cookmate Eazy Health Halogen Oven - THO 700 - NA
  • Cookmate Eazy Health Halogen Oven - THO 1200 - NA
  • Fabiano Halogen Cooker - FAB- HC001 - Rs. 3,295
  • Surya Halogen Cooker - NA

User Manual

1. JML Halogen Oven
2. Fagor America Halogen Oven
3. Aroma Prestige Electric Halogen Range - PHP-323

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  1. Nice article but what about the life cycle of Halogen cook tops.

  2. The Halogen cooker is a fairly new and convenient way to cook. The oven is a table top appliance that is light weight and portable. It is easy to clean, most of the time with a wipe of the cloth. The Halogen oven is a base topped with a glass cylinder and a lid that contains the cooking elements - a halogen bulb and a circulating fan. best halogen oven cooker

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