How to get more twitter followers?

There are many articles on the web which talks about how to get more Twitter followers. Also there are many small and medium companies offering Twitter training, books etc, all pointing to the same strategy, post quality content and keep your account live! The one and only solution for getting more followers.

Now the question is can I automate posting good content to my account? Yes you can. Download TweetTwain which is freely available @ , a virtual social media manager for small and medium business users.
Now follow the below steps:

1. Go to
2. Enter your keyword in 'News Search'
3. Submit
4. Click on the RSS button on the right
5. Copy the url and add it in the 'Monitor Feeds' tab

Or replace the keywords(social+media+marketing+blog) in
and add this url.

TweetTwain will automatically post latest news containing your keyword at regular intervals! So, your account will be updated with quality content, thus more followers!

Read the below article to know which platform is better for business users, Twitter or Facebook: Twitter or Facebook for Social Media Marketing?

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