Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore

Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km south of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The journey to the park takes nearly half an hour from Bangalore. The hilly place is the home for one of the rich natural, zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (101 km²) zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction of Bangalore.

This national park was established in 1971. Apart from zoo, there are Tiger and Lion Safari, Elephant ride, a museum besides a park of pre-historic animals, a snake park, a crocodile farm and an aquarium. Teeming with exotic species of wildlife, the park boasts of astonishing variety of trees like sandal, jalari, chujjullu, neem, tamarind and zizyphus amongst others.

Location and Area (Bannerghatta National Park): 22 kms. south of Bangalore; 101 km².

Flora and Fauna in Bannerghatta National Park: Dry deciduous forests and thorny scrub, with patches of moist deciduous forests along the streams.

Mammals in Bannerghatta National Park: They include the elephant, gaur, leopard, jackal, fox, wild pig, sloth bear, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, common langur, bonnet macaque, porcupine and the hare. The tourist area in the north of the Park has a lion and tiger safari, a herbivore safari, a mini zoo, a reptile park, a mini aviary and a museum.

Best Season for Visit: Year-round

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