Accessing Hard Disks and Pen Drives via Jio GigaFiber Media Server (DLNA)

You can stream content from your External Hard Disks or Pen Drives to your WiFi enabled devices such as Smart TVs, Laptops, Smart Phones etc. via the media server available in Jio GigaFiber ONTs (router).

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GigaFiber ONT has in-built support for Digital Media Server (DMS), which is a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device capable of reading and streaming media content over an IP network to an output device. Any DLNA supported device can stream the content if connected to the same network.

How to enable DMS Server in Jio GigaFiber ONT?

You need to first log into the ONT admin console by accessing the url: The default username is "admin" and password "Jiocentrum", refer the user manual came along with the device.

Once logged in, go to Advanced :: DMS Server Settings. Change the friendly name from "Jio Media Server" to whatever name you want to be displayed, then enable the server. Save the settings and you are done.

Connect a HDD or Pen Drive to the USB port located at the back of the ONT device. Now you can see the device listed in your TV or Laptop connected to the same network. You can browse the content and stream photos, videos and music on your device through the media server!


Disclaimer: The details given above are for the router model JCO110 but the steps are more or less similar with other models such as JCO300, JCO500 etc. Let us know if you are facing any difficulties in enabling the DMS server on your router in the comment box below.


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